Community Focused Tezos Development


We research and develop community tools and projects to expand the Tezos ecosystem


We deploy and maintain highly available and scalable tezos nodes for public and private use.


We develop, test and propose potential protocol changes to help the future development of the Tezos protocol

TezBox Wallet

TezBox was started shortly after the ICO, and was the first available GUI wallet on the betanet. TezBox has two completed security audits (one from LeastAuthority), and was supported by the Cryptonomic team in the early days.

Velos Network

Velos Network is a proposed idea to scale transaction throughput on Tezos, similar to Lightning for Bitcoin. Velos Network integrates a 3rd party "gateway" as a trusted middleman, bound by an on-chain smart contract which penalizes bad actors. Read the paper here.


Sona is a proposed idea to develop a decentralized, self-sovereign identity deployed on the Tezos protocol. Sona will encompass identity verification, on-chain relationship management, private data storage and wallet management with a method to recover your identity if a private key is compromised or lost.

The Team

Stephen Andrews

Stephen is a Tezos developer with ten years experience in web, mobile and blockchain development.

Mac Stevenson Yap

Mac is a professional designer and UI/UX expert, with experience in mobile and web design.

Contact us at [email protected]